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Exclusive Partners & Agent : Franklin, Najm, Penman, Solo

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Franklin Electronic Dictionary

Now you can translate English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian language to Arabic and reverse, with voice you can learning all language.

Asma Group is a sole agent of Franklin and Najm Electronic Dictionary in Egypt.

Digital Holy Quran
You can read, learn and save Holy quran any where…
Also you can understand the holy Quran and learn more about Islamic religion.
Asma Group is a sole agent and certified
distributor for PenMan Digital Holy Quran in Egypt as the matter of this fact Asma Group provide the most cheap and best prices for Digital Holly Quran for brand PenMan.

Digital Camera – Portable DVDElectronic games

Enjoy your hoppy with our state of the art technology digital cameras, electronic games are not only dedicated for your children happiness, parents will also enjoy our variety of games and home appliances devices.

Asma group is the sole agent of Solo Me products in Egypt, that include the famous C20 Solo Digital Camera, C12 Solo Digital Camera.